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Perfect words, LLR.

God = Love = Consciousness = Ether = Soul = Spirit = The Field = Prana = Chi, etc.

You are 100% accurate when you say, " is nothing you can teach anyone." This has probably been the most difficult lesson in coming to this awareness. If you want people to come to this awareness you can only lead by example and/or show them the way to the Truth but not the Truth itself for THAT understanding—that KNOWING—comes from one's individual experience and perspective.

"There is no way to Love. Love is the way."

I too am Christian but for a while I wasn't proud of it because I thought it was what many have distorted Christianity into today, which is completely contradictory to the teachings of Christ himself. As I have come to understand these principles from other religious perspectives, quantum physics, ancient teachings like those of the Egyptians, and others, I see now that Jesus was a very in tune man telling us all in his very own words that, as he is, we too are all children of God.

There is one God, one Love, one source of creation at the most fundamental core of sub nuclear particles that everything is made up of. These are precisely the types of teachings and Truths that have given power to the individuals that seem to hold power over us today. But because their greed of keeping these "secrets" to themselves in their little secret clubs and societies, has caused them to stray from the LOVE, it will reflect to them in like manner causing their ways to be exposed and victim to their own creation. Indeed, they will be judged by that which they create.

And as many of us take these teachings into our hearts and live them with LOVE as intended, all these "evils" will fall away. It is Universal LAW. It is my belief that what many refer to as, "The Second Coming of Christ" is not that of the man, but that of his awareness. There are already countless teachers that teach his exact principles all over the world yet they have avoided persecution. I have even noticed sermons on Sunday TV that have begun to speak of Love as a frequency or a vibration as if I was watching a physics channel or something.

God is God. God is not a Christian, God is not a Muslim, God is not any man-made metaphor we as humans have created to understand this Truth. Yet, we have been convinced that these metaphors are the Truth itself and all other metaphors are false, when in fact, they all point to the same Truth. Just as a North American dresses different than an African tribesman who dresses different than a South American shaman, etc., none of them are any less dressed than the other, it's just culturally different. So too are our different INSPIRATIONS of God.

And to the Atheist who seeks scientific evidence, look to physics. The same principles are revealing themselves there. If you actually believed that everything is dead matter and just random without intelligent design, then there is no way you could read my words which are organized in an intelligently designed way to be understood by another. We don't comunicate with randomness or else my post would read like iufsdu eur4839 ref 9rufbdjbeuf398 83ruhf[0a8f438yr 497p47..... which I would be typing on a rock instead of an intelligently designed computer.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin