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Other greats by Bukowski

South of No North -- It's a collection of short stories. I usually don't care for short stories, but there are 3 or 4 in this book that are so unique and amusing, it's worth buying the book to read them: one is about a guy sitting at a bar who pulls out a container with tiny people in it, another about a carnival attraction that features the devil himself as a vicious little man who's somehow been captured and subdued--*temporarily, another about a guy who is sexually attracted to statues and mannequins -- he falls so in love with one that he steals it and takes it home for romantic purposes.

Hollywood -- about the making of the movie Barfly, a film based on the works of Charles Bukowski, CB wrote the screenplay. The book is so funny it had me laughing out loud several times. The director, Barbet Shroeder, and his gay lover rented a house in Watts for the duration of their stay in California while they tried to find a production company and throughout filming. The things that happen to them there, the desperate measures Barbet takes to get a company to produce the film (one of them includes a chainsaw), and behind the scenes action on the movie set with Faye Dunaway and Mickey Rourke are hillarious.