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What I am concerned about,

as I have stated in previous posts, is that while everything is going on about Edward Snowden, what else is going on?
I have stated in previous posts that some things about the whole story don't sit right.
Can someone please give me answers to some of these questions.
1) What exactly did Edward Snowden revel that we didn't already know?
2) Why is he getting so much air time from the owned media, the ones who shut out, maligned, and smeared Dr Paul? Are they now for liberty?
3)Why has he got such a high profile lawyer? One who is involved in the
Heritage Foundation and AEI, and rubbed shoulders with the worst of the worst of the Bush administration. John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle. Men who went out of their way to destroy America and her freedoms.
4)What is Bruce Feins' roll with Turkey, a strategic asset in the middle east?
4)Was Edward Snowden mislead and used by people in power, have they now hung him out to dry?
5)What good has this done, not only for the people of the US, but for international relations?
6) When things are suspected of being a Government False Flag, every tiny detailed and connection is discussed, but not with a Whistle blower
he is an assumed hero. Snowden is surrounded by people who "have connections", but these cannot be questioned. Why?
There are always two sides to the story, one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.