Comment: GTFO! Hahaha ;)

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GTFO! Hahaha ;)

The new Xbox One, with its always-listening, always-watching, always-on camera (aka Kinect) must be cause for celebration at the NSA.

And what old formula of deception MS used to push it through, although many are still not "buying it":

1. You want "A" and need the public's approval knowing they will not approve.

2. You also provide "B" which isn't what you really want yet know that it's something people will not approve of either or more so.

3. You wait for the outrage over "A & B"

4. You then take away "B" and say you listened to customer outrage

5. Attention taken away from "A" as people busy celebrate the removal of "B" which you didn't care for in the first place.

In this case "A" is the in-home surveillance, 3D body scanning, heart-rate-monitoring, emotion-calculating Kinect camera. "B" is game DRM locks that prevent gamers from selling their games or even lending them out for more than 24hrs or else your friend has to pay a "new game" fee.

After Sony, with its PS4 saw the outrage over MS, they presented the opposite strategy. No DRM, No used game restrictions, No camera. MS then removes "B" from its plans while the NSA-CAM remains and will be in homes THIS HOLIDAY SEASON watching your kids. Now imagine what the already-evident-access-to-Microsoft-servers will do to these in-home cameras. There will be people watching your children or you in your home and getting a 3D model of your body and its movement characteristics and other vital data. Game Console my a$$.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin