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You're right in... sense. We all will die; we're all in that boat, under that fate in this fallen world, from the repercussions of evil. And yet, we all will live -- this phase of life is just the beginning, and death is just a door to the next phase.

We are no longer under the Old Covenant that was given in the Old Testament. Christ has fulfilled all of that in Himself, in His life, death, resurrection; and through Him we are seen as satisfying whatever came before. We are under a New Covenant. It seems kind of harsh for the people who came before: what did they do to deserve being under the Old rather than the New? That's the wrong way to look at it. Those people are all under the New as well, as they are still alive and discovering that truth as their journeys continue to unfold.

What is the alternative that you would like me to believe? That we are all meaningless lumps of material and energy moving through time with no ultimate purpose or meaning? That we all will fade into nothing in the end anyway?