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And arrest men for fabricated domestic violence claims

And arrest men for fabricated domestic "violence" claims. While I do know some extremely honest, friendly, courageous cops that are doing what they feel is right, most police departments are controlled by feminists and dominated by PC activism. I have seen many situations where a man is arrested for no reason, in many cases where he is the one that was physically abused. It seems that police departments have be trained to always believe the woman because she can't possibly be lying. Many a man's life has been wrecked by this policy.

It is an absurd policy and needs to stop, but I don't see a change in sight...the Dems and Repubs, as usual, are on the same team regarding for different reasons. Dems want to buy women's votes by putting them on a pedestal and making them even more entitled, while Repubs want to show how they "protect" women because they are so weak and can't do anything for themselves, treating them like children. Both parties demean women and classify them as handicapped with this ridiculous policy. Furthermore, this policy only sets women back because it requires zero accountability and condones false claims.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin