Comment: They slaughtered the indians?

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They slaughtered the indians?

Neat little divorce from reality although it's probable that Celente's family had nothing to do with the genocide...

But just wanted to point out as PART native and PART white, this is not "they", this is us on both sides of the line.

The importance here is we recognize that we are both, we are Americans and this guilt over the conquest is just another division where it should be a unifying factor: many of us are part native, part black (which can be from many different places), part brown (which can really be from anyplace), part yellow (also covers vast expanses).

I don't tell you about indian stuff to make you feel guilty or to hold something over your heads but to give you connectedness to yourself and a new set of options.

People who make you feel guilty or obliged for this aren't out for your good, they want something from you. As Oyate you have all the moral authority you need to tell them to go stuff it up their pipes and smoke it.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.