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Hold on a minute.

I dont understand Michael. Do you mean you dont welcome interaction with the Rand 2016 campaign?

I dont think that that means you doing any work or giving it any endorsement. The way I see it George Brikho and Derrick Grayson have been using this site or have had this site used for their campaigns. If either of them wanted to hold a Q&A here, would you be opposed?

What would be the problem with treating Rand Paul the same way? I understand that you dont need any legitimization and neither does your site. But alot of people have alot of questions and this website has the earned a reputation.

Just a note: That question that was asked, that could have been my question. I have never had more access to answers from people in power than right now, and it's thanks to you site. Thank you for what you have done for me and thousands of us who were quickly Losing hope.

I understand that you dont like having your name thrown around without having it run by you, but please reconsider your line in the sand. This is really beneficial to the liberty community.