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People can do whatever they want

If people want to hold a Q&A here, that is fine with me.

But I take offense when people speak on my behalf, and they should not do it. This is my main point.

My second point is to again clarify, to those who think that the DP is going to become Act III of Paul for President, to look elsewhere for that, because I'm not interested in doing that.

While I'm at it, my third point is I hate it when people volunteer me for things because they're "sure I wouldn't mind." This is closely related to point #1: Don't speak on my behalf. What gives people the confidence do do such a thing is beyond me.

Again, everyone has their path and their journey: Me, you, the underdog, Rand Paul himself. What I would like to do is encourage everyone to pursue that path and journey as they see fit, but don't assume that you can just draft others into your own plan.

I hope I'm not coming across as a jerk. It has just happened so often in the past that it is really tiresome to me. Sometimes people take it personally if I don't want to be part of their great plan, and then they start to attack me because of it.

I just hope we can all be more mature about it this time around.

Thank you for listening, and for your kind words.