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Well, I really don't care what people ( you ) believe..

Until they try forcing their beliefs on me ( or others), at which point I begin to care greatly.

You actually seem like a pretty cool guy, and I'm not accusing of trying to force anything on me.

I just struggle greatly how seemingly smart people can completely disregard logic, and believe in magic dad. (sorry, not trying to be offensive.. I'm not very good at that sometimes tho.) Religion is just superstition. ( in my opinion ) ... well I do get it. It's called cognitive dissonance. It's when people can look at facts, and hard evidence, then completely disregard it for a pre-recorded message that they have stuck in their heads. You see it all the time in politics too.

Religion by definition requires you to disregard logic, and have 'faith' that something exists. It specifically requires that you NOT be able to think for yourself, and not question the fallacies that are presented as fact.. I can't subscribe to that. It's dangerous, and wrong.

Religion WILL die. It's already on its way out. Look at the numbers. If atheists were better organized, they would have a BIG voting block. Religion will be looked back upon just as people who believed in superstition.. just like you probably view all the other religions that you've personally disregarded from your life, and all the other *past* religions.

"That we are all meaningless lumps of material and energy moving through time with no ultimate purpose or meaning? That we all will fade into nothing in the end anyway?" - I know this is hard to accept, hence the reason that religion has been so popular. ( Wouldn't be awesome if there was some great paradise waiting for us.. 72 virgins and the whole bit. )

Religion plays on fear and control.. Unless you do as your told, you don't get all these great (non-existant) rewards.

Religion has consistently stood in the way of progress. This bothers me.. We'd still be burning witches if the religions of the world had their way.. Well, some places STILL DO burn witches.

I have a hard time believing magic dad is sitting on a cloud somewhere counting my 'sins'. Come on... That requires me to completely suspend my ability to think critically.

Trust me.. I would LOVE to believe it.

My spiritual friend had me read DMT: The Spirit Molecule awhile ago. It was pretty interesting. Much more related to spirituality and I guess Buddhism than Christianity. It was pretty interesting. I don't necessarily believe it, but it was interesting. I'd take it over christianity any day!

So, I guess to answer your question directly, It's fine that you believe in what you believe. I'm not trying to change your mind necessarily.. But please god, don't try to force other people to live by your moral/religious standards. (I'm not accusing you of doing that)

But I guess... maybe instead of *feeling* like there is a god, THINK about it. Think = Facts, reason, logic. Feel = emotion. Because that's the only explanation anyone can give.. "well, I KNOW there is a god, because I *FEEL* him... riiiiight... Charlie Manson felt god too..