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Comment: You have a lot of other people across the board saying

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You have a lot of other people across the board saying

the same thing, including, I think, Ron Paul. I think it's no longer seriously a question of if, but when a collapse will happen. It is basic that you can't keep printing money at these rates in a contracting economy without inflation sooner or later hitting. Furthermore every other indicator, like national debt
to GDP, couldn't look worse. The US economy is a train wreck waiting to happen.

That means the only question is what percentage of the population has prepared with six-month or longer food stores to ride out anything that happens, and if we will be pre-positioned to start arresting and jailing bankers when they crash the economy. Or will we be at each other's throats fighting for food and begging to go to FEMA camps for something to eat, so they can abolish the Constitution and finish the Total Police State once and for all.

"You control nations with oil. You control people with food." - Henry Kissinger

Release the Sandy Hook video.