Comment: The challenge that is faced

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The challenge that is faced

The challenge that is faced is deeper than your discussion of individual judgement here. I agree it is possible for there to be individual cops and departments for that matter around the country that still believe in and more importantly understand their oath of office as officers and organizations.

But, more and more the problem we face is the federalization, the militarization, and the general migration in the trend of the law enforcement training culture.

I have been contemplating for some time creating a vehicle for informed citizens to oversee these training facilities to make sure that our young officers are not being trained in a Constitutional vacuum. I am envisioning this website or group of sites as a how-to for local citizens to form advisory groups to review and monitor law enforcement trained in their States. I now fear with every other trust we have put in the processes of our government that the corruption of the training of our local peace officers is being corrupted more and more as we speak. "Policing for dollars" for victimless crimes seems to be the focus today rather than public service.

Historically, we have trusted that the ideals of our founders and the words and spirit of our Constitution are being taught and instilled at these public law enforcement academies. I see no reason to trust that today and every reason not to.

I am open to ideas on this. I think there would be value in seeing how the State is training our kids in "law" enforcement and documenting every step of that training for public scrutiny.

Cop culture needs to be monitored if we are to give good cops a chance to survive in an organizations arrayed against them and organized more and more like gangs and extortionist instead of brave defenders liberty and freedom working with their communities.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.