Comment: Note the language of Technocrats

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Note the language of Technocrats

Note the language of technocrats whenever they are confronted with clear crimes, violation of human rights and international law, and un Constitutional clearly illegal acts against not only Americans but everyone, everywhere, all the time:

"Its within the mandate of the scope of 'blah blah blah' that pursuant to the aims of (cough cough) NATIONAL SECURITY (cough cough) in that particular region defined by parameters set by the (blah blah blah) ..."

In legislatures, in interviews, in public speaking forums they are the Corporate Borg and the way they respond to Real People is always important to watch carefully.

Once you parse the response it always comes down to:

1) We're just following orders, it's for YOUR safety, and

2) It's perfectly legal, its just that telling you exactly how would compromise your safety.