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Ask I'll answer

Show me what I failed to answer. Im not saying I have all the answers, I'm happy to learn and discover answers for myself, and whoever. I don't know about making generalizations. I'm happy to get more specific.. maybe I didn't understand the depth of the question.. but I'm willing to go there.

What are you talking about. what evidense have I not provided that was asked of me? How many people do you know that come on DP and have the guts to tell you they are a ZIONIST? I AM. If you're not, why not? Why can't or won't you answer?

The last question as I recall asked something to the effect of, "What is it that you support about Palestine, or is it really that you don't support Israel?"

I think it's a fair question because as I pointed out in an above post, many people do not agree with my LOVE for Israel, but they can not, or like you, won't, say what's so great about Palestine. So if you can't or won't say what's so great about Palstine but have nothing good to say, and plenty bad to say about Israel.. isn't the truth that you don't support Palestine, but actually oppose Israel in the name of supporting Palestine? This is important because those who say that they are supporting Palestine in the name of hating Israel, are supporting an Arab territory that HATES FREEDOM and HATES YOU as much as they hate Israel. The only thing you/they have in common is hating Israel.

True, your comment said NOTHING about you. You have made this all about me. so?

I don't know what assumptions I'm making.. you mean that when I say that by not supporting Israel you're a jihadist? By defalut you are whether you admit it, or realise it or not, you are against freedom in the name of freedom. Against real peace in the name of peace.. and in your personal case.. hiding in the name of being open.