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Comment: I totally agree Michael.

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I totally agree Michael.

Even though Rand has some priciples and stands for Liberty, he is far from Ron Paul. This site is to relate with other for the cause of Liberty, Free Markets, and the fight of reestablishing the Constitutional Republic. Those who are diehard Rand supporters should be using the principles talked about on the Daily Paul and take action by calling, emailing, and writing Rand to push him in the direction we need to go. Those who can't handle people calling out Rand's statist positions, should be taking note, and taking action to let Rand know you disagree, instead of just attacking the messenger. I mean, when Rand takes the stance to disreguard the rule of law and grant amnesty to illegals, so they can 'become taxpayers' ie slaves to the ultimate ponzi scheming Fed, his supporters should be relaying their displeasure for disreguard from the rules of law made to protect the sovereignty of our Republic, and the praise of enslaving more people into 'tax paying' to pay usury to the Fed and run 'Big Government' programs. Rand supporters should be pushing him to use 'Free Market' solutions, like ending the incentives of the welfare state, repealing the outdated 14th Amendment, ending the Fed and IRS, etc. If you want to go along with his 'alleged' compromises, most state as 'playing politics', start a website for him, although their are already thousands of these 'conservative' sites promoting the same
statist positions, with a hint of Constitutional principles.