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Let's not fight, k?
The neocons are zionists and zionists are neocons. Strauss, Kristol, Kagan, Wolfowitz, Schulsky, and Halper are the founders of neoconservatism and they are all Jewish.

The following is a partial list of dual Israeli citizens that were in Bush's cabinet:
Paul Wolfowitz
Richard Perle
Douglas Feith
Michael Chertoff
George Tenet
Elliot Abrams
Donald Kagan
Richard Haas
Kenneth Adelman
Edward Luttwak
Robert Satloff
Dov Zakheim
David Frum
David Wurmser
Steve Goldsmith
Marc Grossman

Imagine the outrage if a grand total of one member of the administration was a dual citizen of an Arab country. And you believe the Israelis are the underdogs. They do not tell the Americans about the dual citizenships as it would not go over too well. But look it up, Granger. It seems you love Israel more than here which is a bit strange beings you have yet to visit. Perhaps it may be time for you to migrate there. You know, converting to Judaism is one way to become Jewish? I believe it is forbidden for non-Jews to migrate there. Some free place, uh? All the Ashkenazis are welcome but if you are truly a relative of Shem, as are all the Sephardis, you are not so welcome in Israel. My Ashkenazi Israeli 'hosts' were proud to tell me, and adamant that I knew, that the Ashkenazim (them) were far superior than the Sephardis.

I am stuffed. My roast was fine. I ate loads of watermelon too. How was your feast? Did you do the Patriotic menu? The cherry-cola roast looks divine. I may try it next time.