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Way to Go!

I always try to confer with people from the regions of US government created conflict, to get a different view of the situation. Many will try to sell a front to avoid possible confrontation, but if you let them know you don't agree with the US government/MSM promoted stories, they will open up to you. I used to have a neighbor who was from Saudi Arabia, and an 'evil' (sic) Whabbist. I learned the Saudi people are forced into the religion, that contrary to what we are told isn't about killing infadels, though many uneducated can be manipulated into believing this by clerics controlled by the phony monarchy, who is controlled by Corporatist Collectivist in the US. I found that really Whabbism is used to keep people in check by using fundemental Islamic principles, to keep them from rising up against the phony monarchy, call the House of Saud, established by the British Empire. One day I was confering with him, and mentioned if he knew about the NAKBA observance going on in Palestine. He said, 'you know about that', and I told him I know what's really going on in Israel. Then he told me he was a Palestinian, and his family moved to Saudi Arabia to flee the persecution by the Jews, when he was 3yrs old. He told me it was the last straw for his parents when his uncle refused to give up his house and land, that was passed down from many generations, and the Jews came at night drug the father and two teenagers out of the house, made them kneel down, and shot them in the back of the head. I also heard the same revelations from a Christian Palestian whos father worked in secrecy (being Christian) in the Iraeli Security Force, who was a personal witness to many of the same actions, and also decided to emmigrate from Israel to Turkey and then the US. I could tell many stories about Israhell, and various other countries who are alleged 'terrorist hotspots', but you can get the gist of the fraud by this single revelation learned by confering with people of the region.