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I Don't Care

...whether you love Israel or hate Palestine. But the claim that you have "researched more than others" who disagree with you is at the least unfounded arrogance, and likely also inaccurate in many instances. That was the sole observation that I made. I made no observations whatever about Israel or Palestine, so your tangled tirade at me about my position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is completely off the radar. You have managed to suggest that I hate Israel, am a jihadist by default, am hypocritically against freedom and peace, as well as (your words: "...and in your personal case...") a fraud (hiding in the name of being open). POW POW POW!! See what I mean? And yet, you concede that my comment said NOTHING about me. Yet you know all of that other stuff about me, HOW? You said, "Ask, I'll answer." Is it possible for you to answer HOW you know all that about me?

You said "Show me what I failed to answer." You did not answer "HOW" you know that you research more than those who disagree with you on Israel. Your so-called answer was "Because they don't have answers." In fact, this does not answer my question of "HOW" you know that you research more than those who disagree with you. It is not an answer; rather, it is a reply which makes a claim rather than provides evidence which would constitute an answer. It is a non-answer. You do not appear to know what an "answer" really is, nor what an assumption is, nor what is a generalization. But you write as though you know people's innermost views where you have zero evidence for such writing.

To continue with you would obviously become circular, so forgive me for taking leave of any further effort.

Love Israel. Hate Palestine. Wave your zionist flag. You are free.