Comment: I agree with 3 of your 4 examples:

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I agree with 3 of your 4 examples:

Abortion Is different because the woman is killing another human. It's as if you say that government should be out when it comes to murders. The woman's full ownership of her body stops the moment she becomes pregnant; after that, she has a responsibility to her unborn child. Sucks to be you if that pregnancy is unwanted, the unborn baby's life isn't less important than a "woman's right to choose": the moment that the choice that you're referring to came was at the moment of procreation not once the life has been created.

Now, in case of rape or a pregnancy that endangers the life of the woman then and only then there's matter for debate (less than 1 pregnancy out 20 and less than 1% of total abortions), IMO.

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