Comment: "I agree that if a thug is

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"I agree that if a thug is

"I agree that if a thug is trying to murder an 80 year old "ugly" woman,that I will try to stop the action from occurring." No Kiddin' Ignoring the question about the LOVELY one I see :)

"should violence to the point of death be used against women choosing to kill their unborn children?".

No Sir, I would not advocate it, it is not practicable, but I think it is foolish to give up on saving lives, if we tell the powers that be, that the Life of Innocents is not worth fighting for, the One Child Policy, and forced Euthanasia and Abortion will be here faster than you can say your Prayers, the slippery slope, we have seen it with every issue involving morality.

I think it should be EXTREMELY illegal to make money off of killing people, you can get in trouble for traveling too fast because "someone might get hurt" but it is legal to make money by KILLING people? that is SAD.