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stupid comes in all colors

Have you ever heard about the 3 umpires? They were asked, how do you call ball and strikes.
First replies: “I call it how I see it”
Second replies: “I call it what I want it to be”
Third replies: “ I call it what it is”

You see numb skull……I could care less what the color of his skin is, but I call it for “what it is” Stupid is stupid and the fact that you brought race into it means you must be stupid.

The guy was clearly not just out walking his dog, because he drove there.
The guy was clearly sticking his nose in to something that wasn’t his business….because he was walking around looking for angles to take better pictures and prancing his dog around.
The cops were clearly ignoring him.
The guy was clearly looking to get the cops attention by engaging them.
The guy was clearly not interested in keeping his dog safe because he would have rolled up the windows.
The guy was clearly guilty of trying to provoke the police and he got what he wanted……he knew he dog would respond, he knew his dog is a breed that can be threatening and he knew there was chance they would use force.

I am not a defender of the cops I am a defender of the truth…..I am the third umpire… are obviously a second umpire……and your way of thinking ruins the game for everyone else.

Stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution.