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Same thing that woke me:


No one did it for me. No one forced me awake. It was all due to my desire in seeking truth. We all know that feeling that we all get that something is just not right. That something is wrong with the picture and they'll start taking a closer look. Many will follow in a similar path.

For me, it was 9/11 that BEGAN my awakening and I'm still not done. There is still much to uncover and know. For many it will begin with the NSA surveillance program, the NDAA, Drones, etc.

The number of those awake can only ever grow. No one goes back to sleep. No one. They may want to, but it turns into a nap and they eventually wake up again.

Some will never wake up and die in "the dream" but ones who are born will not have a lifetime of conditioning and controlled propaganda to brainwash them into slumber. They will grow up with the internet. They will be connected to the World more so than we are today.

What WE can do is be the light for those awakening at their own pace should they choose to. Set up blogs, make videos, start a podcast, create art, make music, write poetry, do anything that will intensify the light on the Truth, whatever the Truth is to you. For example, I am thinking of making a career change from graphic design to teaching meditation so I can help people reduce and eliminate their stresses and fears imposed by this system and help them find their true self.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin