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I didn't say that he did

You do.

It's one thing to run around saying THERE IS SOMETHING VERY VERY WRONG

And quite another to say What is wrong.

Differ all you like, I'm happy to differ with you, because I believe and think that while there is plenty that is wrong, such as saying SOMETHING is VERY VERY WRONG.. not not be specific as to what that something is, it to fearmonger, and fearmongering is VERY VERY WRONG.

For what.. what do you think? Do you think that those who have invested interests don't have road maps and plans? Do you actually think that things that are wrong are by accident?

I am misquided by what, who? Why are you so vague?

I seek soultions, it's something that drives me.. so to say something is wrong, is not saying anything.

If you have a car problem and you take it to a baker and say, SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG? Do you think your car will be repaired? Is it the bakers fault?

YOU are the one saying something is cvery very wrong and reading all kinds of WRONG, but you are unable to name anything.. see a flag that show departments that work with and for America. some may have things that are very very wrong.. name what that is.. some may not, some may do a lot of good.. some may have a combination.

I have not faulted anyone.. MN puts up some antiAmerican image and it makes him sick.. so I suggest that maybe a UN flag with departments mught make him feel better and you've been on me with accusations that I'm misquided because SOMETHING is very very wrong.

I suggest to you that what is WRONG is those who don't know what is wrong or blame America while they themselves don't participate.. what are tyou waiting for riots? Is that what is right? You want a marshall law? Military coupe? UN dictate? What is your solution? Putting up art, being sicjk, saying SOMETHING is wrong?

Or maybe youre not about solutions, just fearmonger?

Do what you want. I am. I'm not going to "go along to get along", I'm going to ask questions, make suggestions in seeking solutions.

I don't feel sick about any of this.. I don't feel afraid, I don't feel worried, I don't feel mad, or sad.. I feel good, grateful actually, that I am free to search for what is good, build on that and make my little corner of the world a better place.

I think many of those departments would be better of they had competition on the free market rather than strapped by bureacracy and inter-department politics. I think America has the ability to do better for its citizens and foreigners, and I believe we can acheive that if we participate. rather than wait for hell to break loose and see inncocent life parrish in the name of SOMETHING IS WRONG.

That's me. I'm only speaking for me, and I think that flag is nothing to get sick over.