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someone around here needs to make a stand, a fearless stand, FOR Israel, and being I am FOR Israel, sincerely, and accused/labed of many things, there are some lables that I will wear.. RepubliCAN (that's not well accepted here, but I am one) Zionist is another that is not respected here, but IMO, it should be. I believe the people of Israel should have a state, where they can be themselves, be free of racism, free to prosper, debate, LIVE, work, play, raise children and trade globally.

We are ALL human beings, to err is human.

It is very hard to find good information about Israel.. just a moment ago I did a search for the UN and Israel. I got 15 web sites about "Israel, Palestine and the UN" before I came to web sites that were about Israel and the UN, and all were against Israel, explaining all the greivances the UN has against Israel. I had to settle for an AIPAC (not respected here) web page to make my point.

Good thing I like challenges, it's a hard one, but a very worthy one, because what is happening in Israel is amazing.. and while I have never been there, there is much I want to see and do when I do go there, because there is so much that is going on to advance the human race.

Fortunately, I'm finding myself part of a movement of people who LOVE Israel.. and so I don't feel alone, but that I am lucky to be among those who are so full of LOVE, they are not afraid to say what they LOVE.