Comment: I haven't smoked since new years

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I haven't smoked since new years

I pride myself on my resolve. When I decide to do something I like to follow through.

That alone, however, is not enough to have made me quit smoking.
Rather, it was a realization I had the last day of last year, which consisted of two parts:
1. If you don't want to quit something, you can never truly quit it - you will instead be constantly combating your desires.
2. If you want to quit something but won't, it's a question of your resolve.

You either smoke because you want to or you don't because you don't.
Anything else and you have character flaws that you should seek to root out.

I truly analyzed the question that day like I hadn't before. I fleshed out all of the pros and cons in their order of relevance, and I made a decision. There's no need to revisit that decision because it's been made with a high level of confidence. If I can't even have resolve in my own decisions, they're not really worth anything. I have resolve in my political opinions, why not whether or not I smoke? I have resolve in my business affairs, why not whether or not I smoke? I have resolve in whom I love, why not whether or not I smoke? There's no reason. It's not because of chemicals, it's because of choices. Blaming chemicals is a crutch. It's also lazy. It's like saying, "Yeah I don't want to learn to walk, I'd rather crawl, because walking entails falling down a few times at first." Assuming that walking is the desirable and desired goal, then the temporary pain or discomfort caused by getting there is far superior to permanently remaining in a less desirable and desired situation.