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Comment: Smoking Guns

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Smoking Guns

Stay away from really difficult false flags.

Eg Pearl harbour, wtc 1 & 2.

Only the curious will have the time and energy to truly unravel the truth on these. It is too much for the mind on first go.

Stick to the simple and profound smoking guns.

Don't make statements. Ask questions after first showing him the material.

How did the BBC reporter know the building was coming down 20 minutes before it did ? Demolition preparation takes weeks.
They could not have known before hand.

The Boston backpack was black. Can you help me understand why the suspects backpacks were grey ?

Why was the pentagon lawn untouched ? Where did the titanium engines go ? Why did they find a predator engine and mag wheel in the pentagon hole ? Why did the windows not break when hit by the 'plane' ?

Ask him to explain in full Gulf Of Tonkin, which is now stated historical fact that they lied, as is Iraq war also stated as fact that they lied.

He cannot deny these blatant truths. Get his mind on processing these undeniable facts.

Stay away from anything that isn't as clear cut smoking gun as these.
It is too much to take in otherwise. Do that once he sees it for the criminal acts that they are.

Note: I don't do this, I can't but help do it the wrong way.