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Of course giving up is out of the question.

I think the ends that we seek are the same, it's just the means of achievement are different. Sure making money off of killing is wrong, but attacking this problem will not prevent individuals from being killed. We know this from prohibition and the current drug war. I know the example of drug use does not compare to killing a child, but there are some parallels. Going after abortion providers, as with drug dealers is pointless if there exist individuals wanting to kill their unborn child or poison themselves with drugs. Instead education (teaching) people about the lies preached by those who say that a child "magically" becomes a person at some arbitrary point in development or the harms of drug use, in my opinion, are much better approaches than arresting abortionists or drug dealers. This is not to say that I am in favor of legalizing all drugs, I am not. But I am also not in favor of criminalizing drugs. There is a difference as we all know between legalization and decriminalization. The first requires judgement and condemnation as a means to control behavior, the last allows education to be the force against transgression.