Comment: Consider that believing these things can be really painful

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Consider that believing these things can be really painful

Your husband has a particular world view that coincides with much of the patriotic information he was given as a boy.
He likely believes that:
....the people within the government would never let such a thing happen. They are citizens who love their country too. That such atrocities could never happen here. That the simplest answer to contradicting facts is to believe the official story.....

This world view isn't about truth. It's about feeling secure and happy. Once that world view is shattered by some contradiction that you can't dismiss, it's very likely and natural for people to either become really depressed or extremely angry. There are a whole lot of people who instinctively know that such knowledge or belief would send them into a very dark place, and therefore choose not to go there. In fact they choose NOT to look at the facts at all as then that would possibly remove all deny-ability.

For me, I started waking up over seeing media manipulation, lying, willful omissions, and unfair persecutions during an election year. It was so wide spread I could no longer excuse it away. I realized who all must be involved. I realized that without a free press, corruption could run amok. I was really angry and then the more pieces I put together, the more profoundly sad I got.

So... what I'm trying to say is that be patient with your husband. He's dragging his feet for a reason. He won't look at the facts for a reason. He most likely instinctively knows it can take him into a very dark place and he's trying to prevent that.

It's deeply painful to realize that your beloved country is capable of such evil corruption and atrocities.