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Good questions

"I have some questions. Both have to do with how to best concentrate our limited resources,"
if you mean money I think it is best sent too the little guys running in smaller races, for example here in Texas if I had a choice between giving $2,000 too Dwayne Stovall, who is running for US Senate, or Philip Eby, who is running for State Rep in a district 20 miles away from me, I would without a doubt donate too Philip, why?, because $2,000 could change the outcome of the race, it is enough money to buy over 500 yard signs! or TENS of thousands of flyers!, sadly I think the liberty movement is to fragmented to organize around a couple good candidates in order to give them enough money to win.

look at Tisha Casida, shes a wonderfull woman I am sure, but the dailypaul spent a lot of time talking about her in 2012, but in the end she got about 3% of the vote as an Independent, meanwhile a number of good (I think) candidates in the Republican Primary elections were Ignored and/or had threads about them trashed by people who said that they "are not pure enough",well we will never know now because they lost some very close elections, right now the same thing is going on in Georgia with TMOT (Derrick Grayson) and Paul Broun.

every one here seems to think that TMOT is perfect and Paul Broun is terrible, my research suggests that Broun is a little better and Grayson is a little worse than people think, but both are pretty good, but my opinion does not change the fact that Broun is getting about 15% in the polls, and Grayson is getting under 1% Graysons supporters are some of the best activists in the liberty movement, so they will likely get him up too 5% and Paul Broun will flounder and lose.

1"What races are most winnable with a little help"

almost always the open seats where there is no incumbent, and/or whatever races are the closest to where YOU physically live, I know this from my own experience last year donating dozens of hours of my time to Wes Riddles US congress campaign for District 25 here in Texas, Wes lost with 42% of the vote against Roger Williams 58% of the vote,however Wes spent over $300,000 against Rogers over $2,000,000, I have no doubt we would have won with a couple dozen more volunteers, we had the campaign materials just not enough hands to deliver all of them.

In my opinion an hour of your time is worth about a $100 donation

2. "What races are most important to win?" The races that we CAN win, there is no sense giving millions of dollars too some guy challenging Harry Reid if he does not have a chance of winning, of course it is up too each of us to decide what to spend our time on.

Most, not all, of the worst guys in congress are in the safest seats that their party has.