Comment: I dont think you understand economics.

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I dont think you understand economics.

Or the global agenda of the elites.

It is exactly the function of social safety nets to impoverish the middle and lower classes, and transfer wealth to the top 1%. I know that you have done alot of research so all I ask is that before you start arguing with me, you read some bastiat, mises, hayek, rothbard, Murphy, Salerno, Rockwell, and any other Austrian you can get ahold of.

If you have read have these folks, than before you start arguing with me, please read them again to see if maybe you missed something.

The power elite controls country through deficIt spending. It doesn't matter weather its on social programs or war. The more the merrier. Its how they make their money.

Austerity is a silly term. Austerity means letting the economy get itself out of the mess that the government got it into. Its going to suck, but it's the only way to liquidate the malinvestment and restructure the economy. It is absolutely not in the interest of the power elite to let the economy restructure.

a really good book that talks about how banks use economics to destroy nation states is "confessions of an economic hitman."