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We've given God an ego

When God has no sex, no judgement, no conditions. God is the mother, God is the father, but God is what is aware of you, God is simply aware, which is why he is you. You (your ego) is the child of god and if you become the love that is aware of you then you can be the father/mother/God to the child without judgement. Because that ego is a gift for you to discover your own truth, in your own journey and is what can bring you back into your wholeness. Both are great things, but when you judge it as bad you only keep yourself identified with your crap. I healed from CFS/ME because I saw the strength in my illness to bring me back to my truth. I now thank my illness, even though it was the most disabling thing I could think of, because it has allowed me to grow and to become a new person. I thank my ego for show me who needed be healed. I now facilitate people in their own healing journey and have the most rewarding job in the world because I see people change for the better. My website is