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Comment: If I were writing a movie, yes---

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If I were writing a movie, yes---

I'd include this preposterous 'proposal', but the real & developing romance would be between Edward & Sarah.

I agree that he shouldn't even give this ridiculous proposal the time of day.

Such a serious situation he is in, this is the LAST thing he needs to be thinking about.

At first, I thought RUSSIA was a formidable opponent to the USA, but even Putin has backed down a little by saying "if only you stop talking you can stay here" rhetoric. He must have been threatened, maybe even personally with bodily harm. In fact, I'm thinking these so-called "leaders" of these countries have been threatened. Either they or their families have been the subject of KILL THREATS.

Still, if that is what is happening, outside of economic threats, these "leaders" must come forward publicly and declare the actual threats made. THAT is the ONLY THING that will put an end to this bullying.