Comment: Id agree in all cases save

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Id agree in all cases save

Id agree in all cases save abortion. Abortion "is" a government issue as long as we have a government which is supposed to protect the individual right to life. A baby, even an unborn one has just as much right to live as you and I.

Infact, its already law. If a drunk driver hits a pregnant woman and kills her and the baby, he gets double homocide. If you punch a woman in the stomach and kill her baby, you get homicide. However if a woman hires a hit-man to assassinate her baby in the womb, she's just "managing her body." This is a stark double standard to the law which should not have such contradictions if its to be "just."

The term itself seems to disassociate and dehumanize the little victim to the "mother." Maybe if it was called "murder" it might make the girl think a little on the impact of what it is she is about to do to a baby.

Sadly this is one of those issues most people will never get until they see their own baby on the ultra sound waving her arms and sucking her thumb in the 2nd trimester.

Half the trouble is the term "abortion" itself. If we just called it what it is, murder, then there would probably far less infanticides in the world. A teenage girl doing it doesn't associate it with the crime that it is because she's thinkings its just an abortion, rather than a murder.

But you may say: It can't be enforced, so people will just do it in the black market. This is true, but then; you can't enforce anti- murder laws either. That doesn't mean as a society we should ever legalize murder. But we punish killers when they are caught, and use individual self defense to protect life when we must. If a person is intent on murdering their baby, let them do it illegally as the criminal they are, and face the consequences/risk of their actions. No one may legally deprive another human of their life, liberty or property.

We have to remember that the purpose of police is not to "prevent" crime or even to protect people. That falls to individuals practicing their right to self defense. The police are only there to go and get law breakers and bring them to justice. That's it. Therefore no law is "enforcable" if "prevention" is what you want. Its exactly because the police have attempted to get into "prevention" that we have a militarized police force of thugs and gangsters sodomizing our rights. There is a reason soldiers and police are kept seperate. Soldiers view the public as external threats as they attempt to "prevent." Police do not.

Im not opposed to the "rape/incest/mother's toast" arguments however.

The real debait in my mind, is at what point is it a baby?