Comment: I have put a lot of thought into the abortion issue as of late.

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I have put a lot of thought into the abortion issue as of late.

First, I am a Christian but I don't believe in forcing my religious beliefs on anyone for any reason. Abortion is an abomination in my eyes, and well I can't claim to understand the mind of our Creator, I like to think it is an abomination in our Creator's eyes as well.

As a liberty lover and logical thinking person, I ask myself, "when does life begin, when did I first receive my rights to life and liberty?" I believe that the simplest explanation to this is to first ask when life ends. If life ends because a beating heart stops, doesn't life begin when a heart beats for the first time?

This seems like an incredibly simple and libertarian solution to the problem of abortion. For starters, a fetus' heart begins to beat 22 days after conception. The overall size of the fetus at 22 days is usually around 2mm (not a type-O, two millimeters). So even if a woman did become pregnant, she most likely would not even know that she was carrying until she missed her next menstrual cycle anyway.

Also, if a woman takes the morning after pill, is this murder? If you answered yes to this question, where is the evidence? Do we put a cop in everyone's bathroom to collect this evidence? Do we outlaw the morning after pill (if you support the war on drugs, maybe)?

As a Christian there is no good solution to this problem that doesn't either involve increasing the war on drugs, advancing the police state, or Heaven forbid increasing the surveillance state. I say life begins with a beating heart. Any doctor performing an abortion on a fetus that has a beating heart is a murderer and their nursing staff are involved in an ongoing criminal conspiracy.