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What's wrong is the apathy

I don't disagree with your observation of what the flag MN posted represents, but it's not the whole truth, after all, each state could place it's own department symbols, eh? And that goes for cities and counties too.

The thing is, as Americans, we do have the opportunity to do something about it, which being sad, mad, apatetic isn't going to accomplish.

America is where she is because we have several generation that are NOT involved as activists within the organizations, parties, committees, boards.. It seems too many want hand outs for doing NOTHING, complain rather than do anything besides sign some toothless petition, or attend some protest where they complain about that too.

I don't see how this flag is startling anyone out of complacency, but more, it justifys reasons for complacency by doing what they have always done.. complain or NOTHING.

How many people do you think saw this flag and decided that they were going to go to meetings and change things? Not one is my bet.

To me, it is anti-American because it offers NO solution. "Look at this flag. It made me sick. It makes me sad. It's wrong as hell......." What good is this, to be sick, sad, mad and complain when there is no solution offered?

Pro-American would have been something along the lines of, "Look at this flag and tell me how many departments we can eliminate and your plan to eliminate them."

A long time ago, I worked for a couple of years gleaning beach trash, and I wound up with a collecting that indicted several corporations and government departments. I made a case against them, and I won.. but what I won wasn't what I wanted.. it was like winning the booby prize because the ptb had a solution waiting for some complainer with evidense like me.. all my work helped them, and that win became THEIR win.. it was a very hard lesson I will never forget. So to me, if you want change, have the solution, because you will get change, and if you don't have a solution, someone else's solution will be your reward.. and it could be worse than what you had.

That's always in the back of my mind when I think about activist persuits.. and this wasn't even an activist persuit. It was apathetic moaning with NO solution.. anyone can point out what's wrong.. solutions take more than that.

Thank you for a thoughtful post!