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I wish it was 10%

I live in one of the most active political counties in CA. Statisically we have less than 1%, more open seats than occupied seats, spend a lot of money begging the public to participate in everything from jury duty, to other offices, the races are very slim with candidates, many who are involved do at last double duty serving on committees, boards, and councils.

Still we are futher ahead than most counties and states, and it's not inforwars that motivates people, but it's when a local activist group gets a resolution or inniative written and goes through the process.

That said, back in 2004 we had 26 peace groups.. I know of two that remain active.. part of this was the big national groups like Code Pink, come in, take names, make promises, and leave people waiting, while the local groups that were already vying for competition, dry up and apathy sets in.

Presently, the most active are from Churches, which turns off the majority that are non-religious,, yet, the 1% that are active, I have found are Church goers, and those who have government or had government jobs.