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Hit them at home

One thing about this area, right or left, we all believe that we have the power to do it ourselves and don't need the state ot feds to direct our government.

Take medical marijuana.. it's decriminalized here.. Measure G was local, and now if you want to grow, you buy a tag from the sheriff.. I think it was scaled down from 99 to 25 plants. Whether someone agrees or not, we all accept that is OUR law of OUR land, and the key is, don't make your business your neighbor's business because your neighbor doesn't want to know your business. It's working very well. Sometimes when I go into a store I'll smell someone that apparently is in the business, but I don't make it my business, I MMOB..

I have learned that it's really important to be involved in local politics.. to not be afraid to stand for what I believe as long as I'm not standing on someone's elses beliefs.

When I went for my elected seat, I told the truth.. "I'm a Ron Paul Republican and I want a committee seat, please let me represent you. I got my seat, and when I'm out and about my neigborhood/district, people ask me, "What's up with such and such// and also at community events, crab feeds, fish fries, community breakfasts, we talk politics on a local level.. I never bring up infowars, ben swann, glen beck.. they don't apply to my area and since my area really has a great grip over state and federal power, it's all about empowering the people, not MSM.