Comment: If that aint a statement, I

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If that aint a statement, I

If that aint a statement, I dont know what is.

This is an excellent visual on the problems with this country. Far too much federal reach into all areas.
Originally, it was supposed to be the states would have the ultimate power and be like their own countries, but more loosely tied together via the federal government. Now we have the federal government as the ultimate power with the states basically subserviant to it.

As for them trying to get it taken down, they are so going to fail, and fail so badly, its almost laughable. In fact, it is laughable: hahaha.
Que the "You have no power here" meme. There is a certain law that says once something is on the internet, its going to stay on the internet. Ok, not really a law, but come to think of it, the internet would make a fascinating study on group resistance to authority.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.