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The high end?

Well, I've never had high end Mexican food even in Mexico, and I admit, my travel in Mexico was limited to all of Baja Sur and Norte, pretty much stuck with abalone, ceviche, carnitas and verde pozole (though the very best was a home made quesadilla of ham and swiss by a guy sitting next to me, Moses, on Tres Estrelles De Oro, when a restaurant refused to serve me because I was American, and Moses felt bad/ashamed.. it had been a hell of a bus ride, at one point the federalis boarded the bus and took a couple of guys off the bus at gun point.. it was great how the whole bus would sing or listen to opera.. and near the end of the ride the bus hit a truck driven by a couple of drunks backing out of a cantina at 4:AM.. but to three gold star's credit, they had another bus within a half hour and took many people to the hospital.. amazing thing was I was in the broken seat, so when we hit, my seat slid forward, while some folks lost their teeth on the grip bars in front of them.. even the hotels I stayed, where I had oysters and jumbo shrimp and fresh snapper, sea bass and grouper was pretty cheap.. I made some friends on that bus ride.. high end mexican food huh?

I saw the richest man in the world was Mexican.. Carlos Helu... wonder what he eats? "Simple home cooked meals".. hmmm

Well, I bet that Shrimp Diablo is killah at any price.. sure sounds good, and I bet after a Donkey kick ass rita everything tastes great at the Donkey (bet they LOVE Democrats hee hee).