Comment: Morning Joe has been pandering gov positions for weeks

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Morning Joe has been pandering gov positions for weeks

Almost every day they will spend 5 minutes reviewing something Greenwald or Snowden said

Then spend the next 30 minutes ridiculing them, tearing down their statements without any chance of rebuttal and trying to convince the viewer why it's so important for the NSA to be able to spy and they all nod their heads and agree with each other over and over.

Pure government propaganda. No wonder MSNBC's ratings are tanking.

But by far the scariest part of all this is the ease in which the Bolivian President's plane was brought down and searched. All the countries which denied the plane entry are SUPPOSED to be sovereign. This tells me we are getting VERY close to a one-world government working behind the scenes.

Come to think of it, the countries actually might have a global shadow government in place already - that Bolivian plane would never have been taken down if they had gone through regular or even quick diplomatic channels.

So what does this mean? You tell me!