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Annie Machon

Is live on Australian tv right now, Channel 7's weekend morning program is discussing the spying on allies issue released by Snowden. they are skipping over the fact that everyday people are being spied upon and tracked, all the tv coverage of snowden i have seen has been talking more about the Americans spying on its people and allies etc etc, not so much the fact that Australian people in general are being spied upon too.

I believe the media in general are trying to spin this issue so that the people do not feel like victims and do not get angry, they are trying to get people to shrug this of as a " ah why do I care,it doesn't affect me issue"

They just finished, only gave her a small amount of time, said they had run out of time. But an interesting comment was just made by one of the presenters, alluding to the fact that the Aussie government is building the nbn ( national broadband network) , and they have apparently, I have not read about it yet, a massive database being set up in Canberra, and it will more than likely, now with the snowden revelations be used for spying!