Comment: The missing "value", you talk around is "information"

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The missing "value", you talk around is "information"

The laissez faire market function relies on buyers and sellers exchanging information that is ACCURATE and TIMELY.

In a nutshell what you are saying is that google and verizon and ATT etc are selling an EXPECTATION of privacy for the price they charge.

The TRUTH is that they are charging a "privacy premium" based on that expectation BUT ARE NOT DELIVERING IT.

In other words, if people value privacy, then those companies are skimming rent for value not delivered.

In other words, you state that via "protectionist" means a nation can or should support a "less productive or profitable company." You're looking at it the wrong way. A local company could deliver privacy-invasive service for slightly less than the aforementioned companies OR could charge MORE for privacy enhanced service and it is NO LESS productive or does not need to be less profitable.