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A thing that is indisputably the case. (definition)

I'm not attacking the messenger, I'm simply pointed out how the message the messenger is sending is illogical. There are no facts that prove an inside job on 9/11. Its all speculation, some of it is very good speculation. Hell, I would support an independent investigation. I'm on your side with an independent investigation. But I don't go around like an arrogant "know it all" telling everybody what the "truth" is.

Just the name "truther," in itself, is ridiculous. Being a skeptic is great, but as soon as you think you know the "truth," that's when the problems begin. You talk about Nazi tactics, but tactics don't matter. What made Nazis scary is that they thought they were right. Pentagon officials think they are right....Radical Islamist think they are right. The one thing in common with all of them is that they thought they had found truth. There is no truth we can grasp with this. This is not science, its politics with layers upon layers of obfuscation. Once you think you know the truth with politics and philosophy, you've gone off the deep end.