Comment: we use invasions, coups, we

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we use invasions, coups, we

we use invasions, coups, we finance and arm rebel gangs, we finance "color coded" astroturf political movements, we bribe and blackmail compromised political figures, we make promises if X party is elected and Y party deposed... often we simply have our own, closely aligned corporations dominate the major industries of a small country. in an entirely open political environment, political office is for sale to the highest bidder. financing the major political parties of other countries is 'free speech' and 'human rights.' a

yes, we use aid and loans, in some cases. there's more than one way to run an empire.

to actually make the statement that 'aid and loans' is "THE" way america takes over countries boggles my mind. how are you able to make a statement that you should easily know is far from the truth? what happens in your head to make that happen? the answer would fascinate me.