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Comment: Lessons in Logic

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Lessons in Logic

Have you ever met anyone who wants to be evil? How many children grow up saying, "I want to be the bad guy."

The people who control the large banks, and the others in charge of the federal reserve are not evil. They are Keynesians. They have a different belief system than you do. They think they are doing a good job. They are not crazy, greedy, horrible, evil villains. They are not heels in some crazy wrestling match. They are just people like you in me under lots of pressure, doing what they think is right.

Are these powerful people systematically manipulating the economy through the Federal Reserve? Yes, but not because of horrible greed. I have no reason to think that they would kill thousands of people to get into a little country like Iraq. They're already rich as hell and powerful to boot. Why would they risk it all to invade a little country? It's crazy, it's illogical.

That being said, maybe your right. Lets have an independent investigation. That makes sense. But anyway you look at, you're never really going to know the truth.

9/11 probably consisted of a few Islamic terrorists who thought they were the "good guys" and we were the "bad guys." They thought they would have a better life in "heaven" then the horrible circumstances that make up their lives here on earth. It makes sense.....Its logical.