Comment: I don't think informed people

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I don't think informed people

I don't think informed people (always a minority) had any expectation that giant US internet and telecom firms would refuse to submit to intel gathering in post 911 secret surveillance, or US court orders.

no more than there is any expectation that US banks and Fed members won't comply w/ govt demands to seize assets or freeze accounts.

the question raised in my post is whether other nations have a POLITICAL interest in developing firms independent of that scope of US control, in situations where the market and consumer does not or has not yet done so.

and if so, how far that principle applies in other directions.

i think clearly this is a case where extra-market means are necessary for creating desirable political outcomes that the market has not created. a case where practice refutes the over-reaching claims and pretensions of a theory.

in the entire series of replies and exchanges below, i have not seen the actual question once addressed directly without resort to evasion, misdirection, obfuscation and generalized hand waving.