Comment: i am the master of my own

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i am the master of my own

i am the master of my own mind and thoughts as much as is possible in the real world.

as far as my 'ruler,' i follow the law except where i know i can get away with it, or am willing to suffer the consequences. i accept the advantages of living in a society with laws and social cooperation, and i follow most of those laws, and all of the major ones. i don't kill and steal or cheat others. i don't deny the legitimacy of the order and law established by society for the defense of the basic security of life and property. this order and legal basis alone is the foundation of liberty in my view, and i prefer it to chaos, anarchy or isolation from society.

by your acts, i know that most or all of you also choose law and society, based on coercion and violence, to freedom from law. you choose the protection of society, and submission to its laws, rather than pick up your possessions and go outside the protection of the law, to find unlimited freedom.