Comment: well the law or legal order,

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well the law or legal order,

well the law or legal order, whatever it is, is my ruler, and yours, to the extent we follow it and choose to live within it.

you say anarchy means 'without ruler.' that sounds like more of a personal slogan or affirmation than a real meaning.

if i had to define anarchy based on my knowledge i would say it is the absence of a legal authority able to maintain its laws.

whether it is anarchy by choice (ethical anarchism - we refuse to enforce laws) or by impotence (unable to enforce a legal order) - the result of anarchy in my opinion is a vacuum in which multiple political units emerge to create order via force. that order is likely to be 'pre legal' - not in accord with any predicable or written law, simply brute force to establish conditions of peace - order - essential to basic economic necessity of property, trade, etc.

i see human nature as preferring life to death and basic security of property and life to fantastic notions of unlimited liberty.

history bears that out, of course. revolutions don't last long, and anarchy never lasts more than a few breaths.

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