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The worse

part about this video is reading Youtube comments. Oh my gosh. I almost want to cry. It is truly upsetting seeing people side with the police on this one. The kid did nothing wrong.

I've seen so many people comment saying, " Just give him your ID and roll your window down and everything would have been fine."

It's like saying give up your rights... They are making every thing safe for you.

It's like the whole NSA comment. When people say " If you are doing nothing wrong, you got nothing to worry about". Ughhh!!! Do I hate that comment.

I could care less about drunk drivers. You can easily catch a bad drunk on the road. Picking on every citizen is wrong!

I am highly against a DUI check. If I see one. I try and find another way around it.

Seriously cops scare me now. I hate that feeling. Every time I get pulled over. I worry if they are going to kill me, plant something on me or arrest me for nothing.

Some cops do their job right though! So when a good cops does something right. Spread it. Because we need to let people know that good cops still exist. A small amount but still.