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My gawd, I've heard of carding people, but to think my CA GOP membership card will only get me to the back alley at a place called "The Donkey", and we're talking MEXICAN, that's funny.

And it's even funnier to learn that it's not what's in the tortilla, but what the name of the tortilla that makes it "high end", because out here in the Republic of California, it's not the name of the tortilla (enchilada, burrito, taco, quesadilla), but the fact it's Mexican that makes it low end (the exceptions being the national chains with home bases outside CA, in shopping centers that never seem to last long). Mexican food in CA is blue collar food.

What's ironic is while CA cards people, everyone is assumed to be a Democrat, so if I was to show my CAGOP membershop card, I would be charged twice as much. The Mexicans believe the Democratic Party represents the poor and the Republican Party represents the rich.

Is Texas hip to fish tacos? I know you don't eat cheap Mexican food.. but I have to say, I think fish tacos are my favorite of all.. El Tarasco doesn't make them, but they do make the best and cheapest Mexican food in CA.